I am a star – we are a giant

With Megan Evetts

A star is born 
A star lives 
A star begins to die 
A star changes 
I am a star 
But we are a giant 

People are faced with many challenges and periods of change in their life. Feelings can vary and swing quickly. Confusion, anger, love, hate, regret, remembrance, remorse, contentment, loneliness, peace, sorrow, joy.  

A star also goes through many changes.  

This journey is from a large star to a Red Supergiant – part of the overall process of turning into a Pulsar (dead spinning star). 

The star has the pain of knowing it will destroy the solar system it has been supporting all this time – not only must it come to terms with its own death, it has to accept that in so doing it will destroy everything it knows as well.